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Working from home during COVID-19, you need a good office chair

Working from home during COVID-19, you need a good office chair

According to statistics released by Johns Hopkins University, up to now, the United States has cumulatively diagnosed 2,130,569 cases of new coronary pneumonia and a cumulative death of 116,726 cases.

The prediction results of the COVID-19 model recently updated by the Institute of Health Statistics and Evaluation of the University of Washington show that by October 1, the cumulative deaths of new crowns in the United States may reach approximately 170,000.

In the next three months, the situation in the United States will still be very worrying.

Good office chair not only allows you to work comfortably, but also improves work efficiency

Due to the continuous impact of the epidemic, it is estimated that you will have to work from home for some time. For working from home, we have become used to it from the beginning.

But everyone's waist is expected to be unbearable. Working from home, the office place has become a bed, ground, and coffee table. In most cases, the body has become a bow, and a bend is a whole day.

You know, when sitting straight, the lumbar spine should bear 140 loads. When sitting with a forward 20-degree bend, the spine carries 185% of the weight.

If you bend down to work in front of the computer for more than 10 hours every day, within two or three years, your back and neck will have different degrees of pain, and lumbar disc herniation will come to you.

For sedentary office workers, it is necessary to have a good office chair. It can not only make you comfortable in the office, away from backache but also improve your work efficiency.

Ergonomic High Back Adjustable Office Chair, save your lumbar spine


Evenwhen working from home, we cannot ignore the importance of office chairs. Today I will recommend a comfortable office chair for everyone- Ergonomic High Back Adjustable Office Chair, save your lumbar spine.

This is the best chair sold by Smugdesk. Customers who have used it say that it gives us the care of our waist, just like the kind of care given by our first love. It is also very intimate.

From the headrest to the armrest to the back of the chair, this office chair is ergonomically designed. This is its biggest feature, and it is also different from other office chairs.

Many people do not know that the design of the office chair conforms to the structure of the human body, which can maintain the circulation of blood, which can provide more oxygen to help the brain to think, the focus is more concentrated, and the work efficiency is naturally improved.

First look at the multi-dimensional headrest. It can be rotated. You can adjust it to any angle you need until your head and neck feel comfortable.

With it, you can provide proper support for the neck, even if you work long hours, you will not feel the neck pain.

Next is the waist pillow of Ergonomic Office Chair, no matter you are tall, short, fat, thin, it can wrap the entire back to provide comprehensive and long-term support.

When you work continuously for several hours, the lumbar pillow will relax your body and relieve back pain, and even enhance the natural curvature of the spine.

This chair has a high-elastic mesh three-tiered backrest and double mesh pad cushion , which is very breathable. It not only allows air to circulate in the back, but also prevents heat and moisture episodes, making people's back fresh and comfortable, even in summer.

When you want to relax, you can adjust the chair back to 117 degrees and lie on it, which is very comfortable.

As for the armrest part, the 3D multifunctional armrest design is fully adjustable. Up, down, left, right, adjust back and forth.

After adjusting the armrests, you can also place the forearms and elbows in corresponding positions, while reducing the pressure on the forearms and elbows.

The base of the chair consists of 5 legs, which is very convenient to slide and fits all floors. It can withstand a weight of 300 pounds, safe and reliable.

Ergonomic Office Chair has two colors, black and gray. Order anything you like. A good office chair will allow you to enjoy more office hours.

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