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About Us

Bestoffice Furniture was founded on the belief that every office environment can be more productive and healthy. Since 2000 we have been challenging prior beliefs in the industry to create healthier products. 


For Bestoffice Furniture it all started from designing our very first ergonomic office chair. After a small back injury it became extremely painful to sit for prolonged periods of time. After searching in stores and finding not many chairs that met my requirements I eventually purchased the best chair available. This chair did help but it was missing a few components that would have greatly helped. As the chiropractor sessions continued and my back pain subsided, the idea of this chairs modifications kept coming back. This was the source of inspiration for the founding of BestOffice, creating an iterated design of the chair I had just bought, because I couldn’t find the extra features I wanted in any large chair store.

Now looking back on the 20 years of operation it is incredible that our company was founded by merely improving a product. Bestoffice Furniture has now entered into almost every product area within the office realm and our community of users keeps growing. 

Product Development

One of our largest advantages is research and development. We have over the years made great efforts researching new designs, materials and shapes. In the early years of Bestoffice Furniture we traveled to the great design nations of Europe, such as Italy, Spain Germany and Denmark. We jumped at the opportunity to attend furniture exhibitions to display our products but more so to seek inspiration. This decision has greatly helped expand our product ranges but also cater for the nuances each customer wants when picking great furniture.

Customer Service & Partnerships

Bestoffice Furniture would also not be able to do what it does today without the amazing partnerships we have built over many successful years with our suppliers. From direct investments into our suppliers and developing larger research and development units we have full control over our supply chain. This hasn’t always been the easiest or cheapest decision but for the long term it has been the most beneficial option, because we can offer the highest calibre of customer service.

Bestoffice Furniture is committed from inception to design, to create healthy, comfortable and beautiful office furniture, which constantly changes and redefines health and comfort for our customers.

 Thank you for sharing this journey with us!